Holidays for your Eyes on the Island of Mallorca (May 1 – 6, 2016)

Giglio 12 362A discovery trip into the world of the senses – with Cornelia Stromeyer (vision trainer, applied kinesiologist)

CHF 1’050.– (for participants from CH)/ € 900.- (for participants from EU)

Size of group: 6-12 people.

The ability to see crystal clear slumbers in each one of us. During this week on the island of Mallorca we will learn and practise to awake it and keep it awake in every day life. We will experience inner and outer pictures and we will harmonize them. We will learn about the function of the eyes and their nutrition. We will experience Mallorca’s nature, move our eyes, practise Qigong and gently move towards new habits for our inner and outer eyes. Meditation, relaxation and creative activities let us listen to the voice of our heart and clear our vision.

The hotel Tres Playas in Colonia Sant Jordi is in the southeastern part of Mallorca. It offers an inspiring atmosphere with a splendid seaview, warm seawater pool and an exquisite kitchen.

For whom? For those who want to learn an efficient method to improve their power of vision; for computer work, short-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatisme, glaucoma, cataract, AMD, dry eyes and photophobia.

Cornelia Stromeyer
Vision Trainer, Applied Kinesiologist OdA KTTC, focus: brain and eyes

Terms: CHF 1´050.– for participants from Switzerland; € 900.- for participants from the EU. Including: 5-day-workshop with approx. 20 hours, Snacks and beverages, working tools. 

Not included: flight, airport transfer,  accommodation, meals, entrance fees and insurance.

Please order the program with further information.

Über Cornelia Stromeyer, kinestrom

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